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  • CLASSIC O-Ring Choker Necklace CLASSIC O-Ring Choker Necklace Quick View

    CLASSIC O-Ring Choker Necklace


    The JAKIMAC O-Ring Choker is our take on a classic leather accessory.  A choker style necklace in genuine leather with just the right amount of thickness. Available in 15 different Color/Hardware...
  • CLASSIC Leather Wrap Harness CLASSIC Leather Wrap Harness Quick View

    CLASSIC Leather Wrap Harness


    The JAKIMAC Classic Leather Wrap features suspender like details over the shoulders and long tie on both sides that wrap around the waist. This wrap is designed to conform to any body shape...
  • PEEK-A-BOO Elastic Garter Set PEEK-A-BOO Elastic Garter Set Quick View

    PEEK-A-BOO Elastic Garter Set


    The JAKIMAC Peek-A-Boo Elastic Garter Set's adjustable elastic straps are complimented by silver o-rings. Clip to the front of knee-high socks to accent your look. Available in Black leather and...
  • Simple Drape Harness Simple Drape Harness Quick View

    Simple Drape Harness


    The JAKIMAC Simple Drape harness is an instant classic.  Simply slide on over the shoulders like a vest and pair with a tee or light sweater. Choose from matte black leather...
  • COVET Corset Eyehook Belt COVET Corset Eyehook Belt Quick View

    COVET Corset Eyehook Belt


    The JAKIMAC COVET Corset Eyehook Belt features a body-hugging corset design framing the waist with front steel hook/eye closures. Elastic at back to ensure a perfect fit.   Fits tight...
  • Infinity Leather Body Wrap Harness Infinity Leather Body Wrap Harness Quick View

    Infinity Leather Body Wrap Harness


    The JAKIMAC Infinity Wrap Harness is our most versatile wrap, with an infinite number of ways to style it!  Wear it with the O-ring in the front to create an...
  • LEAH Leather Garter Set LEAH Leather Garter Set Quick View

    LEAH Leather Garter Set


    The JAKIMAC Leah Leather Garters are crafted from premium soft yet strong form fitting leather. Attach to stockings for a night out or a night in. Leather in the front with matte...
  • Triple Chain Harness Triple Chain Harness Quick View

    Triple Chain Harness


    The JAKIMAC Triple Chain Harness contours the back down the spine with three light-weight aluminum chains. Moves with you without inhibiting. Available in black leather with gold, silver or black...
  • Men's Pledge Drape Harness Men's Pledge Drape Harness Quick View

    Men's Pledge Drape Harness


    The JAKIMAC Mens Pledge Harness is our signature men's leather accessory. Worn loosely over the the shoulders and follows the spine for a comfortable fit.   This piece adds just the...
  • Dessa Leather Harness Belt Dessa Leather Harness Belt Quick View

    Dessa Leather Harness Belt


    The JAKIMAC Dessa Harness is a feminine and strong design, featuring a strip of leather that wraps around the neck and moves downward in a linear form, like a tie. The belt...
  • DAHLIA Slim Harness Belt DAHLIA Slim Harness Belt Quick View

    DAHLIA Slim Harness Belt


    The JAKIMAC Dahlia Harness Belt is all about clean lines.  A high-set, choker style collar connects to the waist for a straightforward, T-shaped look. Available in black leather with black...
  • CLASSIC Double Belted Harness CLASSIC Double Belted Harness Quick View

    CLASSIC Double Belted Harness


    The JAKIMAC Double-Belted harness takes a simple accessory to the next level. Doubled up a for a confident look, this style rests on the shoulders and buckles twice around the...
  • Women's Matte Suspenders Women's Matte Suspenders Quick View

    Women's Matte Suspenders


    The JAKIMAC matte suspenders for women are straight-up badass. The thickness and texture of this premium leather is built to last.  Each pair has room to adjust for height and features two suspender clips in the...
  • Ana Single Harness Belt Ana Single Harness Belt Quick View

    Ana Single Harness Belt


    The JAKIMAC Ana Single Harness Belt frames your body for a subtle compliment to any style.  Simple in its versatility. Available in matte black, white, pink, and silver distressed  leather with...
  • Unisex Buckle Bracelet Unisex Buckle Bracelet Quick View

    Unisex Buckle Bracelet


    The JAKIMAC Womens Buckle Bracelet is sleek and minimal daily-wear accessory.  Made with our 3/4" wide premium leather, soft to the touch and not too thick.  Forms perfectly around your wrist...
  • CHAIN GAME Deity Necklace CHAIN GAME Deity Necklace Quick View

    CHAIN GAME Deity Necklace


    Clear Quartz

    The JAKIMAC Chain Game Deity Necklace is a personal favorite of JAKIMAC.  The mixture of leather, chain and natural clear quartz crystal upgrades any outfit you want to pair it...
  • WHISPER Studded Chain Drape Harness WHISPER Studded Chain Drape Harness Quick View

    WHISPER Studded Chain Drape Harness


    Two layers of chain drape over the shoulders, meeting in the middle at a leather spine. The Whisper Harness's leather spine is intricately studded from top to base. The weight...
  • Single Chain Harness Single Chain Harness Quick View

    Single Chain Harness


    The JAKIMAC Single Chain Harness drapes over the shoulders and down the spine with a single lightweight aluminum chain. Stays secure without obstructing movement. Available in three sizes with premium...
  • Kingly Leather Crown Kingly Leather Crown Quick View

    Kingly Leather Crown


    The JAKIMAC Kingly Leather Crown's intricate handwoven design suggests power alongside grace. Show off your royal side with this truly ambitious head ware. Available in black leather with black or gold...
  • NYX Leather Suspenders NYX Leather Suspenders Quick View

    NYX Leather Suspenders


    The JAKIMAC NYX Leather Suspenders are a modern take on a timeless Men's accessory. The thickness and texture of our premium matte leather immediately provides a luxurious sleek look that's built...
  • SUPERDAD Hold Up Harness SUPERDAD Hold Up Harness Quick View

    SUPERDAD Hold Up Harness


    The SUPERDAD Hold Up Harness is for all the leather daddies out there.    This harness design buckles over the chest and rests on the shoulders. 100% latigo leather tanned...

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