Our Belted Harnesses fit around the body, with a belt that sits at the waist or just below.  Classic styles with a tailored fit.
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    Dessa Leather Harness Belt Dessa Leather Harness Belt Quick View

    Dessa Leather Harness Belt

    $48.00 $108.00

    The JAKIMAC Dessa Harness is a feminine and strong design, featuring a strip of leather that wraps around the neck and moves downward in a linear form, like a tie. The belt...
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    Dahlia Slim Harness Belt Dahlia Slim Harness Belt Quick View

    Dahlia Slim Harness Belt

    $48.00 $90.00

    The JAKIMAC Dahlia Harness Belt is all about clean lines.  A high-set, choker style collar connects to the waist for a straightforward, T-shaped look. Available in black leather with black...
  • SAHLI Strap Down Harness SAHLI Strap Down Harness Quick View

    SAHLI Strap Down Harness


    The JAKIMAC Strap Down Harness boasts a halter-style design and is crafyed from soft yet strong, form-fitting leather.   It's meant to hug and stretch over the bodice.  Includes six points of...
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    D-Ring Belted Harness D-Ring Belted Harness Quick View

    D-Ring Belted Harness

    $58.00 $98.00

    The JAKIMAC D-Ring Belted Harness, in a classic halter style, buckles behind the neck and twice around the waist.  An accessory that honors your feminine form above all with adjustable shoulder...
  • Ana Single Harness Belt Ana Single Harness Belt Quick View

    Ana Single Harness Belt


    The JAKIMAC Ana Single Harness Belt frames your body for a subtle compliment to any style.  Simple in its versatility. Available in matte black, white, pink, and silver distressed  leather with...
    Double Belted Harness Double Belted Harness Quick View

    Double Belted Harness

    Out of Stock

    The JAKIMAC Double-Belted harness takes a simple accessory to the next level. Doubly secure for a confident look. Available in black, white, or distressed pink premium leather with silver hardware. ...
  • KNOT NORMAL Chain Halter Harness KNOT NORMAL Chain Halter Harness Quick View

    KNOT NORMAL Chain Halter Harness


    The JAKIMAC Knot Normal Halter Harness is crafted from gunmetal snake chain & the softest cowhide leather. This piece oozes elegance and sophistication and is a perfect way to dress up...
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    Fractal Harness Fractal Harness

    Fractal Harness

    Quick View

    Fractal Harness

    $58.00 $178.00

    The JAKIMAC Fractal Harness earns its name with a symmetrically stylized back pattern. In contrast, adjustable shoulder supports connect at the waist belt for a minimal look in the front. Available in...
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    Studded Halter Harness Studded Halter Harness Quick View

    Studded Halter Harness

    $60.00 $90.00

    The JAKIMAC Studded Halter Harness features hand-studded leather strips that frame the body like a body chain.  The strips connect with a clasp behind the neck as well as an adjustable chain...

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