Our most coveted pieces of leather craftsmanship.  Each harness or design is made to your measurements. Customize everything - it's custom made.
  • Kingly Leather Crown Kingly Leather Crown

    Kingly Leather Crown

    from $198.00 - $218.00
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    Kingly Leather Crown


    The JAKIMAC Kingly Leather Crown's intricate handwoven design suggests power alongside grace. Show off your royal side with this truly ambitious head ware. Available in black leather with black or gold...
  • Fractal Leather Body Harness Fractal Leather Body Harness Quick View

    Fractal Leather Body Harness


    The JAKIMAC Fractal Harness earns its name with a symmetrically stylized back pattern. In contrast, adjustable shoulder supports connect at the waist belt for a minimal look in the front. Available in...
  • HELENA Custom Leather Harness HELENA Custom Leather Harness Quick View

    HELENA Custom Leather Harness


    The Helena Harness features a beautifully designed stunning cage at the neck and studded detailing throughout.  Woven and crafted by hand, playfully pinning two textures of matte and pebbled leather...
  • Blair Shoulder Chain Blair Shoulder Chain Quick View

    Blair Shoulder Chain


    The JAKIMAC Blair Shoulder Chain is oozing with witchy, and powerful vibes like sensual armor. Black plated, lightweight aluminum chain is woven from shoulder to shoulder to create the illusion...
  • ELA Leather Harness Belt ELA Leather Harness Belt Quick View

    ELA Leather Harness Belt


    Please allow up to 3 weeks for us to craft this custom piece! The JAKIMAC Ela Leather Harness blends geometric symmetry with artistic elegance. Set yourself apart with our most intricate design....
  • Skeletal Midi Cuff Skeletal Midi Cuff Quick View

    Skeletal Midi Cuff


    Fine black leather follows the bones of the hand, from the wrist to the tip of the fingers. Worn as "midi" rings that sit on the first knuckle of the...
    EMERY Woven Leather Harness Vest EMERY Woven Leather Harness Vest Quick View

    EMERY Woven Leather Harness Vest

    Out of Stock

    The Men's EMERY Woven Leather Harness vest is our most detailed piece for the male body.   Featuring a woven design across the chest, this harness can also be reversed.  Wear the design...
  • The ATRO Custom Harness The ATRO Custom Harness Quick View

    The ATRO Custom Harness


    The Atro Harness features an intricately woven cage at the neck and waist.   Adjust the top four straps anywhere you'd like around the belt.   Detach the belt and wear...
  • Die Another Day PVC Studded Cone Bra Die Another Day PVC Studded Cone Bra Quick View

    Die Another Day PVC Studded Cone Bra


    An ode to the queen herself... this Madonna inspired cone shaped bra will never fail to steal the show.   Break the cycle and shake up the system in this non-traditional...
  • Dreamer Pyrite Draped Harness Dreamer Pyrite Draped Harness Quick View

    Dreamer Pyrite Draped Harness


    The JAKIMAC Dreamer harness speaks for itself; this harness is what dreams are made of! With a hand-beaded pattern of pyrite stones along the back, and leather with adjustable buckles...
  • FELIX Leather Cat Ears Headband FELIX Leather Cat Ears Headband Quick View

    FELIX Leather Cat Ears Headband


    This beauty of a headpiece transforms you into a feline, ready to purr and prowl.  Luxiously crafted entirely by hand, this piece features a 1.5" headband (at the widest point)...
    JAK HARE Leather Bunny Ears JAK HARE Leather Bunny Ears Quick View

    JAK HARE Leather Bunny Ears

    Out of Stock

    PREORDER:  This product ships on 10/20/16. Guaranteed to arrive by 10/24/16.  Create your own wonderland with the JAK HARE Leather Bunny Ears.  Luxuriously hand-crafted from a structured black latigo leather exterior...
  • Rhapsody Chain Headpiece Rhapsody Chain Headpiece Quick View

    Rhapsody Chain Headpiece


    Pure bohemian bliss.   Steel chain is woven into interconnected triangles that rest on the head, with a looped chain fringe at the base.   Strong, tarnish resistant soldered chain....



    A peek into our Spring 2018 Collection, the Hermia Harness is a true collectible piece.  This harness is a collaboration with UIAX Design, featuring an intricately detailed laser cut pattern...

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