A tomboy staple. Classic leather suspenders with a JAKIMAC twist.
  • Womens Matte Suspenders Womens Matte Suspenders Quick View

    Womens Matte Suspenders


    The JAKIMAC matte suspenders for women are straight-up badass. The thickness and texture of this premium leather is built to last.  Each pair has room to adjust for height and features two suspender clips in the...
  • NYX Leather Suspenders NYX Leather Suspenders Quick View

    NYX Leather Suspenders


    The JAKIMAC NYX Leather Suspenders are a modern take on a timeless Men's accessory. The thickness and texture of our premium matte leather immediately provides a luxurious sleek look that's built...
  • Titania Leather Suspenders Titania Leather Suspenders Quick View

    Titania Leather Suspenders


    The JAKIMAC Titania Leather Suspenders for are made in genuine leather and feature silver hardware and grommet detailing.   100% Genuine Leather Silver hardware with grommet detailing Adjustable anywhere from 5'0"...
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    UNISEX Sahli Skinny Suspenders UNISEX Sahli Skinny Suspenders Quick View

    UNISEX Sahli Skinny Suspenders

    $30.00 $80.00

    The JAKIMAC Sahli Suspenders are a daily staple for an effortless look.   The  texture of our premium leather immediately provides a luxurious sleek look that's built to last. Three...
  • Woven Shoulder Leather Suspenders Woven Shoulder Leather Suspenders Quick View

    Woven Shoulder Leather Suspenders


    Unisex suspenders with woven detailing at the shoulder. Fully adjustable at the front and back. Suspender clips in front, clasp for support in back. Available in black leather with brass hardware....
  • SALE
    LUX Studded Leather Suspenders LUX Studded Leather Suspenders Quick View

    LUX Studded Leather Suspenders

    $70.00 $98.00

    Ultra lux leather suspenders with dome-studded detailing.  These skinny suspenders are just waiting to be the center piece of your next outfit.  Pair with a worn-in band tee and some...

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