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All About Harnesses

JAKIMAC Simple Drape Harness


Harnesses have been associated primarily with fetish and BDSM culture since the 1950's. Types of leather bondage harnesses can be used in erotic play as a restraint or device to inhibit, or often, empower the wearer.

In contemporary fashion, a harness describes an accessory that can be worn over clothing like a vest that belts or wraps around the waist.  Many of our harnesses are also draped, resting on the wearer's shoulders with detail at the back. 

 Only recently has the harness become an item associated with fashion over fetish as as designers style harnesses down the runway as ready to wear accessories. 

At JAKIMAC, we love the duality of the harness as fashion and fetish.  We encourage our customers to style their harnesses in daily wear to add a finishing touch to an outfit, and also have fun exploring the subversive and sensual side of the piece. 



For women, the Wrap Harness is the perfect "starter" harness.   You can style it in a variety of ways, and tie it in the front, back, or halter-style behind the neck.  Wear your Wrap over an oversized tee or button down to accentuate your waist.   This particular harness flatters just about every body type with its versatile wrap design.

Our designer's personal favorite is the drape-style harnesses.  Try the Triple Chain Harness over any basic t-shirt, or dress it up for an evening out over a sheer black blouse.  Drape style harnesses are an effortless way to add a perfect amount of flare to any outfit. 

For men, the Pledge Harness is an everyday staple.  Wear over a tee or dress up over a button down.  It adds just the right amount of texture and interest. 

Betty Page, 1953. 



We love everything about leather.  The way it feels, the way it smells, and the beauty of it as a natural, malleable material.  Leather pieces can last a lifetime with proper care and we're in the business of crafting a quality product. 

Leather has a rich history as well.  It's a material sought out by those to distinguish themselves apart from mainstream cultures.  It can be in relation to kink, rock n' roll or alternative groups, or simply the elevated feeling of purchasing a high-end leather product.  

We hand select each hide of leather we use to guarantee a quality, high-end piece.  We want you to love your JAKIMAC down to every detail. 



We'd love to show you! Visit our "About" page, here, to see photos of our studio, crafting process, and our materials.


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