Jaki Capozzoli, JAKIMAC Designer & Founder


Jaki Capozzoli is an award winning performance artist, painter, and designer.   Jaki has a background in immersive art installations and holds a BFA from Columbia College in Chicago, IL.


Introduced to leather at a young age by her Italian American family of shoe salesmen, she founded JAKIMAC in 2010 as a way to extend her design appreciation into the realm of product design and leather apparel.  Starting with leather scrap from the family's shoe repair shop, JAKIMAC began with a single leather ring.  


The designer uses leather as a vehicle to sculpt on the body with intention to create a piece that empowers the wearer.   In each design, the exploration of dualities reigns supreme; pieces explore masculine vs. feminine, hard vs. soft, raw vs. refined.  Inspiration is taken from underground fashion and fetish, fantasy and fine art, and the vibrant youth culture of Los Angeles.


Jaki has designed costuming for a variety of personalities and artists, including Motley Crue, Jessie Jay, Ke$ha, Backstreet Boys, LadyHawke, and Kat Von D.  Her work has been featured in publications Vogue Japan, The New York Times, Leica "S", Nylon Magazine, Shape Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Galore, Black & Grey, and Autre Magazine.  The designer also boasts collaborations with fashion retailers Urban Outfitters and ASOS.


Photograph of Jaki Capozzoli by Stephen Desantis.

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